Thursday, September 18, 2014

Historical Fiction Virtual Tours

Ever since I was given a Kobo e-book Reader for Xmas 2012, I have spent most of my time online, purchasing, downloading and reading e-books. I find that I am no longer comfortable reading hard-copy books. The e-reader is so much lighter to hold and carry than a heavy paper book.

I have always loved History and I love reading historical novels. I have several favourite historical authors already - Tasha Alexander, Deborah Harkness, Louis L'Amour, James Alexander Thom,  Noah Gordon, Edward Rutherfurd and James Michener, 

Today I found a new historical novel author - one whom I had never hard of before. His name is Colin Falconer. He is a Brit who later immigrated to Australia. He has written over 40 books in the last 25 years.

I also discovered a website that arranges virtual book tours for these historical authors. I have started this new blog because I thought that perhaps I could read these novels, review them and get involved in the virtual author book tours.

My Main Book Blog was just called Bibliohistoria. It ran for almost 7 years before I stopped writing. But not to worry. I do have a new personal website called -  The Scanners Universe  and also a new Pinterest account as well.

The Scanners Universe and my Pinterest page both cover all the topics and areas of life that I am interested in. I prefer to be a generalist and I have a wide variety of interests. I hate being forced to specialize in just one or two niches. I find that to be quite boring.

Below are links to my favourite authors and to the Virtual Book Tours Website and Facebook page. 

Historical  Fiction Virtual Book Tours - Facebook

Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours - Website

 Author Websites

Tasha Alexander
Deborah Harkness
Louis L'Amour
James Alexander Thom
Noah Gordon
Colin Falconer
James Michener
Edward Rutherfurd

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